Get, Get Out, and Ride!

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

As my semester comes close to wrapping up this spring I wanted to get my own wrap out there. I would love for people to continue following if they feel the need, if not its no sweat. But, as far as snowmobiling and motor sports are concerned I’m always interested and ready and willing to learn morn concerning this topic. 

I enjoy not just motor sports but everything concerning the outdoors. Since I was able to walk I have been hiking up mountains looking for deer, new terrain, fishing spots, or riding areas. I love traveling, but at the same time I enjoy staying here in Nevada and exploring the desert most love to hate.

Fortunately for me this desert, some call Nev-ahhh-da, offers many opportunities for the outdoors and motor sports enthusiast. In a 30 miles radius you can fish, hunt, ride snowmobiles and motorcycles, and check out the lakes. 

I encourage everyone who visits here to try anything they can while they are here, weather permitting, and even so let people know what you did and where. There are always areas in Northern Nevada that have yet to be explored and that I would be interested in seeing or hearing about. So if your “that guy” reading this blog, get up, get out and ride!




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