Posted: April 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Go get one now. 

They honestly enhance your riding experience to a whole new level. I rode with mine all winter and them came home and watched all the clips over. Its like an instant replay from the riders point of view. If you have watch my promotional video, in the beginning, i nearly go over the bars. To watch something as funny as me almost crashing is priceless. The best part about it was that no one saw me do that besides the GoPro. From there I was fortunate enough to have the camera on, and then show people. 

Also, now that winter is winding down, it allows me to watch this winter at a glance and realize how much fun you can actually have. They aren’t just for snowmobilers; its a camera for any sport. You can mount a GoPro anywhere you can get the sticky mount to hold. It can be mounted on hoods, cars, helmets, chests, backwards on your helmet, your bike fender, handlebars, and even on a roll cage in a race car. They are the latest and greatest and most fun toy to have to recap what you have had fun doing. GoPro designed them so lightweight you can’t tell its mounted on your helmet, at all, contrary to popular assumptions. It beeps when you turn it on, when you record, and when you turn it off all for the easy use of the rider wearing the helmet. 

Simple, but advanced — the snowmobiling experience made better via GoPro.




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