Posted: April 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

HMK is a gear company along the same lines as Klim, but different. They have the worlds best freestylers, free riders, and snocross riders under their name. Chris Burandt, as I have stated his name before, is their first and primary rider due to his recognition as an incredible rider. They produce and sell anything from boots, jackets, gloves, outerwear, women’s gear, kids gear, helmets, and many more. 

One of my really good friends owns a pair of their boots and has no complaints about them at all. They are specifically known for their boots and market them heavily. They are said to have the most progressive and  technical components to man kind. They incorporate a Sympatex waterproof barrier inside, and a full grain leather upper to support you and keep you dry. The liners on the inside mold to the rider’s feet, along with an integrated air bag for the heal for optimal comfortability.They have the most high focus zonal lacing control over any other boots that allows micro adjustability and optimal fit for the style of riding you are jumping into. These boots are nice, but do not come cheap, at a price of $379.95. They come in either black or white. Very sleek and very nice looking boots I must say. 

They sell this boot describes above, called the Boa Focus, as well as four other boots called Team Boa, Team Lace Up, Voyager Boa, and the Voyager Lace up. Some with the zonal lacing and other regular lacing for whatever you prefer. They also sell special socks that better your experience, as well as new replacing liners if yours get unwearable. 




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