Arctic Man: Tough Mudder of the Snow

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the snowmobile industry there is such thing as the Tough Mudder, or the Marathon of today, its called the Arctic Man. A single team consists of two players; one player is a snowmobiler and the other a snowboarder. The snowboarder has to snowboard two miles, then the snowmobile pulls the snowboarder another two miles, and finally another two miles solely for the snowboarder. The pairs of teams must work together and if they do, they can be super fast. 

For the second year in a row ski doe’s Tyler Aklestad and skier Marco Sullivan won the competition with a blazing fast 4 minute, 4.8 second run. Their top speed was 80 miles per hour. This is a physically demanding race for anyone, but Aklestad is known all around for being one of the top cross country racers in the world. Backed by two Ski-Doo 600 snowmobiles they took the finish line in first place. 

Unfortunately this race sounds like it would be only for sponsored riders and teams, but sounds like a blast. Congratulations to the Ski-Doo team for taking the win two straight years in a row. 



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