Springtime Cleaning

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Springtime is the time you finish up riding and start preparing your sled, and trailer for summer time. All the parts and oils are going to start drying out so its important to lube everything before summer really hits hard. If you don’t take necessary caution everything will become corroded and not work properly next season. Even though its time to start preparing for summer, its also just as relevant to not miss out on some good riding. But, after riding is over here are a few easy steps SnowGoer lays out for people to maintenance their toys and their trailers correctly:

“1. Spray the vertical tube of the tongue jack with WD-40 or similar, lightweight oil and then crank the jack up and down a few times to coat the metal surfaces with oil. Don’t forget to shoot the little plastic wheel’s axle so it continues to roll easily. If your tongue jack has a grease zerk, pump a shots of grease into it to keep it working smoothly.

2. Coat the tie-down bar cranks with anti-seize lube so they don’t rust over the summer. If your trailer has a ramp that’s secured to the trailer with a crank, do the same to protect those threads.

3. Douse the coupler assembly with oil and operate it a few times to work the oil throughout the mechanism. Hose down the safety chains, too.

4. If you have the means, raise the trailer off the ground and set the axle on wood blocks or bricks, and then lean a piece of plywood against each wheel. This will protect the rubber from the sun’s UV rays that cause dry rot.

5. Most snowmobile trailers have greaseable wheel hubs that make it easy to stay on top of maintenance. Pump a few shots of fresh grease into the hubs to displace water and lube the bearings. Some trailer axles have a small hole on the back of the hub so the old grease can be flushed out. Have a helper watch this area as you pump the grease gun until clean grease comes out, or you might be able to hear it crackle and pop as it oozes out.

At a minimum, the five snowmobile trailer maintenance tips listed above should be performed now. If you’re more ambitious, wash the trailer, too. Use a pressure washer to clean the deck — top and bottom surfaces — and rinse off the salt and grime that accumulated on the frame and wheels. Enclosed trailers should be washed with a soft-bristle brush and soap and water to preserve the finish.”

These are some new and very relative ways to keep your trailer from rotting in the summer. Also, every zerk fitting and every oil in your sled needs to oiled and greased to prevent corrosion. If you have gas in your sled make sure you put gas stabilizer in it to keep it from going bad. There are multiple ways to keep your stuff nice that many people overlook; thanks to SnowGoer we are now better informed. 


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