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If your not doing backflips, and your in a freestyle competition, dirtbikes or snow, you need to give up. Every year the sport of wnomobile, and motorcycle, freestyle is pushed beyond the limits of a sane person. Backflips are the most common trick seen in a freestyle competition. They have multiple variations and combos to go with them, but it all start with the back flip.

A top contendor and stuntman on his snowmobile is Levi LaValle. He attempted the double back flip in the winter X-Games just recently. He completed the full rotation and landded but was unable to ride away, and instead fell off from the hard impact. He still would like to give it a shot, but doesnt know when. did an interveiw on his attempt and his career:

sR: The double backflip, is that still on your radar?
LaVallee: It’s definitely on the radar; I’d like to do it again someday. I’d like to put it to rest in my mind. For me the book is still open, I want to close the book and put it on the shelf and call it done, but it’s no there yet.

sR: What do you think when you look at that sequence photo of the double backflip from Winter X?
LaVallee: I look at it and go, “Oh man, that was really big!” Probably not the safest thing I’ve done!

They then asked him what his goal are, and why he still does it:

sR: What are your goals for the season?
LaVallee: My goal is the same as it always has, just go out there and do the best I can. Obviously I want to get podiums and do well, but if I go out and do everything I can there’s nothing more you can do. I’ve been working my butt off leading up to this and once I get to it we’ll see where I’m at and what I have to work on and go from there. As long as I know that I’m putting in the effort and doing the work that’s necessary I’ll continue to do this for years to come. For me it’s about when I’m not willing to make the sacrifices I do. When that day comes I’ll bow out. Until then I still feel like I have it in me.

Very posotive and inspirational guy, and an oustanding athlete!




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