Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The difference between Yamaha and the rest of the snowmobile industry is their sleds are solely four strokes. Four stroke sled are not as popular, as the contrary goes for motocross. The four stroke sleds are a top contender for speed and performance, especially when they are turboed. They have a down fall in the weight category. The engine on a four stroke is so much more in depth than a two stroke with a cam, valves, and drivetrain. Because they have all this extra weight it makes it difficult to maneuver an already heavy sled which has now become heavier with this motor in it. Their new sled they have just come out with, the 2012 FX Nytro XTX is equipped with a deeper lug on the track enabling better powder performance. Snow Tech magazine interviewed Rob Powers, production manager about the sled:

“We are excited to bring this special sled to market just in time for the season,” said Yamaha Snowmobile Product Manager Rob Powers.

“I had the opportunity to personally put this model through its paces last winter,” Powers continued. “I thought it was awesome on the trail, with great traction for accelerating but it also had just enough side slip to let the sled corner well. The deeper lugs also give this Nytro XTX better deep snow performance than the original 1.25-inch model. This sled is easily the most versatile model we have in the lineup.” He has high expectations for this years model lineup. The specs for this sled are:



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