Korg 3.0

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Have you heard of Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan was an all around bad dude. His world got turned upside down in a horrendous snowmobile crash that literally broke him in half.He fractured his spine so bad he had to replace his first Lumbar vertebrae with a fused cage suspended by a set of titanium rode attached from T12 to L2. Ever since his crash he has been making appearances and trying to, literally, get back up on his feet. Grant has showed up to many special events all over and many here in Reno. 

I have been to two fundraising events for the recovering athlete. The first even was a UNR basketball game where he appear and actually walked out into the middle of the court in from of everyone. To see where he has come from to now walking onto the court with just two small crutches attached to his wrist is absolutely amazing. The other even I have seen this gentlemen is at Extreme inside the Grand Sierra Resort  in Reno. 

The main reason for his recovery is his beautiful wife, who is ever determined to get him back to 120%. She dropped her job and everything the day of the accident. She also integrates therapy and spiritually building techniques into his recovery along with unmatched support. Grant has now put the wheel chair in storage and only uses his crutches. He is a true snowmobiler and a true athlete, Grant Korgan. 



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