Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just this recent year, as i have already told you guys, i bought a 2012 Polaris Assault 800. Before this year I hadn’t rode a snowmobile in over two years. I was off to a fresh start. I had done some research, but in the back of my mind i knew i would end up with a Polaris, after all, cause its a family thing. 

What sold me on the Polaris, he assault for that matter was the suspension. Not only did it have the most travel of any sled on the market but the gas shocks are adjustable on the trail via a knob on the top of them. This allows the sled to adjust to the size and style of each rider who slides a foot over it. Being that I am not a huge guy, but rather medium built, i have my front suspension more soft than hard. Setting the soft suspension in the front has help me this year move the sled where I want and it also helps keep you on top of the snow in more powder. The rear suspension is set up a little harder, for jumping. If you are riding down the trail and not doing anything crazy, its a little rough, but on the jumps and bumps it soaks them up like a sponge. 

The weight of my sled, and next years sled even, are so light. With the suspension having so much technology and the weight of the sled it was dubbed “the most flickable sled on the market,” by Chris Burandt. The definition of flickable is the only way to get through two trees on a sidehill is to flick the sled on its side and ride through on one ski. I haven’t mastered the sled, but I am trying and hope to only get better. I would recommend the Polaris to anyone i know, and even more so for this lighter sled coming out in 2013.



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