Amsoil ERX Race

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hibbert Malinoski, Minnesota hometown favorite, won the Amsoil ERX Race. He won the race with astounding domination. At this point in the season, Tim Tremblay, a ski doo rider was leading the season points championship, with a close second of Ross Martin Polaris’ sponsored rider. With these two competing for the championship, it a was a shock to his hometown crowd for Hibbert to pull off a win.

Malinoski pulled a 100 yard Stud Boy sponsored holeshot to start his winning race off.  Malinoski slowly faded back in the pack to once was seventh place, but had caught up to fourht in a quarter lap. Around 5 laps into it Martin had puled off the track, opening the gate for Malinoski. With six laps to go Trembley had caught up to second but was no match for the race winner Malinoski. Martin completely dissapointed with his machine malfuntion, and on the other hand Hibbert extatic.

Malinoski won just 40 miles from his home town. Pleased and happy with his performance he walked away with a pleased ego. What an awesome feeling to win an amsoil snowcross race in front of your family and friends. Congratulations to Hibber Malinoski for his win and many more to come.

I can relate to his joy from winning such a race because I have raced motorsports, on a much smaller level. Good job fellas.



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