Snowmobile Industry Booming

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

With the rest of the world in an economic downfall, it comes by much surprise to hear the pleasing words of the snowmobile manufactures booming along with the industry. Just recently manufactures, such as Polaris and Arctic Cat have been producing new models of bigger and better sleds. What is interesting is that they have done this year after year, but the last few years it has been showing a great effect. The snowmobile industry grows almost 5x as fast as any industry with technologically backed advances. The latest few years it looks like people are starting to realize how great their sleds are. 

Arctic cats sales recently just rose 61 percent, all the way up to 125.2 million dollars in the fiscal 2012 fiscal quarter. The same period last year topped off around 77.8 million last year. This extensive growth is not just seen in Arctic Cat’s snowmobile sales, but their ATV’s, Side-by-Sides as well as gear to go with them. Atvs sales increased 12 percent coming from last years 48 million to a better than average 54 million. The gear for these machines rose seven percent. Their focus of current day business, president and chief exec. officer Claude Jordan, explains: “Our focus on introducing innovative technologies, such as our extensive new snowmobile line-up and the Wildcat side-by-side, contributed to the strong third-quarter results and helped generate increased sales across all product lines.” 



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