Backcountry tragedy

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Backcountry is the grey area of our sport. If you ride the trails your safe from avalanches. If you ride crazy backcountry the chance of avalanches is fair, which is exactly why you pick and chose your line carefully. If theres an avalanche warning, just be careful. A young Canadian man by the name of Steven Hall was killed last friday in an avalanche. The avalanche took place near Sparwood. 

Hall was riding with six people. Three of the six stopped to have lunch while Hall, and three others, headed directly in the avalanches path. Just two hours after they had got taken by the avalanche Canadian news had issued an avalanche warning, too little too late. 

Steven Hall was blessed to have lived his life with a wife and four children. All of his children were under the age of eight. His wife and him were growing quickly with their home building business, Havan Built Home, one of his two jobs he had. His wife and him were married over twelve years until this tragic day. My thoughts and prayers go out to their family. If you wish to donate to the family to give them a little help more information can be found in this Article. Stay safe out there riding. 



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