Turbo Your Sled

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

The most expensive and more common upgrade you can get for your sled is a turbo. Turbo sleds are completely amazing. They give you the most power out of a sled you can afford. A current turbo producer is known as Boondocker, which is among many others. They have come out with a new tubular design that is specially manufactured for their torque boosting series. 

Their turbo allows for unmatched torque, great throttle response, and the most horsepower your sled can handle with maximum boost. The use a unique extruded intercooler, with 40% more surface area and 30% more flow than other turbo kits. In all of their 2012 turbo kits they offer a few different air box kits, for example, one is a cold air intake with an air filter outside the hood allowing your sled to suck in cold air and run cooler. 

They come with modules that plug right into your sled that allows you to run regular pump gas when running this turbo kit. It also comes with an altitude boost module that changes with altitude. Once you set it to a certain horsepower it will automatically keep that horsepower no matter what elevation you are at. Very versatile kit comes for any sled you have and will make it run like you couldn’t believe. Image


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