Ride Cautious

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just south of alpine meadows a skier was killed in a horrible avalanche accident. They had already made one backcountry run and decided to try another one, bad decision. With the snow conditions how they are right now it is very unsafe to be jumping off the trail too far; here in the Reno/Tahoe area we have gotten snow early into the season which has melted and became one solid layer, then we were fortunate enough to get a few feet on top of the first layer, but what that did was allow the snow to just slide off that first slick layer causing an avalanche.

The avalanche was triggered by the skier and swept him down the hill into trees and rocks, and buried him three feet under the snow. Rescue crews took about 90 minutes to get to where he had fallen. A memorial service was already held for the gentleman already, and I wish his family and friends well. No one ever likes to see something like this happen, so just stay safe and ride smart.

Theres many thing you can do to help yourself when caught in an avalanche. They make a blow up pillow/hood contraption that when you are in the avalanche you pull it, it fills up with air, and then keeps you up on top of the snow rather than being buried in it. For our Elko trip we use what we call beepers, which are tiny devices that send a signal to everyone with one letting them know where you are so if your buried they can find you. These still don’t prevent avalanches, they just help you fight to live when caught in one.


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