2013 Polaris RMK

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Have you see this new sled this year. Polaris came out with the top of the line sled, who knows what they will come out with next year. The 2013 Polaris RMK weighs only 431 pounds, thats a huge cut of weight from previous years. Last years model, my model, is a white and red edition as opposed to this years black, silver and white. Came out with a slick look and light weight for 2013.

The most interesting factor that dropped almost five pounds and was a new addition is the low inertia belt drive system. This system which is usually a chain drive from the motor, now has to gears and a belt that encompasses it, eliminating the chain. The belt drive is a great idea because a lot of breakdowns happen due to that chain case. Now, if you have a problem on the hill you can just replace the belt and be on your way again. Not only is it a brilliant innovation, it loses weight, which is what most riders are concerned with. 

It comes with the same Walker Evans shocks as previous years have, but has a couple other added features. It comes with powder special running board with extra spikes for traction, prevent the rider from slipping off. The new polaris also now comes stock with a lightweight seat, an aftermarket add on most riders get anyway, now it comes with the sled form the factory. Go check them out, the industry is moving so fast if you don’t keep up you’ll be dumbfounded. 


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