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Just this recent year, as i have already told you guys, i bought a 2012 Polaris Assault 800. Before this year I hadn’t rode a snowmobile in over two years. I was off to a fresh start. I had done some research, but in the back of my mind i knew i would end up with a Polaris, after all, cause its a family thing. 

What sold me on the Polaris, he assault for that matter was the suspension. Not only did it have the most travel of any sled on the market but the gas shocks are adjustable on the trail via a knob on the top of them. This allows the sled to adjust to the size and style of each rider who slides a foot over it. Being that I am not a huge guy, but rather medium built, i have my front suspension more soft than hard. Setting the soft suspension in the front has help me this year move the sled where I want and it also helps keep you on top of the snow in more powder. The rear suspension is set up a little harder, for jumping. If you are riding down the trail and not doing anything crazy, its a little rough, but on the jumps and bumps it soaks them up like a sponge. 

The weight of my sled, and next years sled even, are so light. With the suspension having so much technology and the weight of the sled it was dubbed “the most flickable sled on the market,” by Chris Burandt. The definition of flickable is the only way to get through two trees on a sidehill is to flick the sled on its side and ride through on one ski. I haven’t mastered the sled, but I am trying and hope to only get better. I would recommend the Polaris to anyone i know, and even more so for this lighter sled coming out in 2013.



Amsoil ERX Race

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Hibbert Malinoski, Minnesota hometown favorite, won the Amsoil ERX Race. He won the race with astounding domination. At this point in the season, Tim Tremblay, a ski doo rider was leading the season points championship, with a close second of Ross Martin Polaris’ sponsored rider. With these two competing for the championship, it a was a shock to his hometown crowd for Hibbert to pull off a win.

Malinoski pulled a 100 yard Stud Boy sponsored holeshot to start his winning race off.  Malinoski slowly faded back in the pack to once was seventh place, but had caught up to fourht in a quarter lap. Around 5 laps into it Martin had puled off the track, opening the gate for Malinoski. With six laps to go Trembley had caught up to second but was no match for the race winner Malinoski. Martin completely dissapointed with his machine malfuntion, and on the other hand Hibbert extatic.

Malinoski won just 40 miles from his home town. Pleased and happy with his performance he walked away with a pleased ego. What an awesome feeling to win an amsoil snowcross race in front of your family and friends. Congratulations to Hibber Malinoski for his win and many more to come.

I can relate to his joy from winning such a race because I have raced motorsports, on a much smaller level. Good job fellas.


Snowmobile Industry Booming

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With the rest of the world in an economic downfall, it comes by much surprise to hear the pleasing words of the snowmobile manufactures booming along with the industry. Just recently manufactures, such as Polaris and Arctic Cat have been producing new models of bigger and better sleds. What is interesting is that they have done this year after year, but the last few years it has been showing a great effect. The snowmobile industry grows almost 5x as fast as any industry with technologically backed advances. The latest few years it looks like people are starting to realize how great their sleds are. 

Arctic cats sales recently just rose 61 percent, all the way up to 125.2 million dollars in the fiscal 2012 fiscal quarter. The same period last year topped off around 77.8 million last year. This extensive growth is not just seen in Arctic Cat’s snowmobile sales, but their ATV’s, Side-by-Sides as well as gear to go with them. Atvs sales increased 12 percent coming from last years 48 million to a better than average 54 million. The gear for these machines rose seven percent. Their focus of current day business, president and chief exec. officer Claude Jordan, explains: “Our focus on introducing innovative technologies, such as our extensive new snowmobile line-up and the Wildcat side-by-side, contributed to the strong third-quarter results and helped generate increased sales across all product lines.” 


Its not how many champoinships you have, its how good you come back from an injur — Colton Sturm

Colton has been racing bikes ever since he was about five years old. After a few years of fast progression Colton decided he wanted to race something with a motor. Since his earliest rides he has progressed, but broken and bruised his body along the way. I’ve always said if your not crashing, your not riding hard enough.

With the number one plate this year, Strum’s season is starting off relatively slow, but he is determined to make the most of it. in an article I recently read he talks about his challenges and the facts about racing. He talks about the trust and friendship the riders have off and on the track. When its race time, we race but he believes trust is a huge part of the motorsport industry. Here’s a little interview that he recently participated in:

“This is going to be my first event since I’ve got the green light,” Colton Sturm said. “I’ve been riding and I’ve been pushing it and it’s yet to give me grief. We have great suspension and the ground is going to be so soft I have no worries that my leg is going to feel fine for the race.“

While injuries are often inevitable in high-speed racing, Sturm is confident in his abilities as a pro racer, and also in the abilities of other riders who will be in close quarters with him on the track.

“We’ll be jumping 100 feet through the air and things could go horribly wrong and it’s a huge trust issue,” said Sturm. “At this level all the riders know what every rider is going to do and can adjust for it. We’re very precise on everything.

“Once you turn pro there are a lot of expectations and you have to be fast, in control, and safe. But when I do go down it’s normally a good one. I bounce good.”

Despite all the thrills, and potential dangers, Sturm always manages to keep the atmosphere anything but serious.

“I don’t start getting serious until I see the flag,” he said. “I’m always playing and yelling jokes to the other guys on the line when we’re about to take off. You know when it’s pro time because I’ll be yelling. I make it fun on the line.

“If you’re not having fun you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s a competition of course but at the end of the day we’re all friends, and we all love the sport, and that keeps us going.”

He shows and tells us the friendship he has with the riders, the trust, and the fun they alll are licky enough to experience. For the rest of the article visit this link.



Backcountry tragedy

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Backcountry is the grey area of our sport. If you ride the trails your safe from avalanches. If you ride crazy backcountry the chance of avalanches is fair, which is exactly why you pick and chose your line carefully. If theres an avalanche warning, just be careful. A young Canadian man by the name of Steven Hall was killed last friday in an avalanche. The avalanche took place near Sparwood. 

Hall was riding with six people. Three of the six stopped to have lunch while Hall, and three others, headed directly in the avalanches path. Just two hours after they had got taken by the avalanche Canadian news had issued an avalanche warning, too little too late. 

Steven Hall was blessed to have lived his life with a wife and four children. All of his children were under the age of eight. His wife and him were growing quickly with their home building business, Havan Built Home, one of his two jobs he had. His wife and him were married over twelve years until this tragic day. My thoughts and prayers go out to their family. If you wish to donate to the family to give them a little help more information can be found in this Article. Stay safe out there riding. 


Where it began

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Snowmobiling was first made popular after the first patent of a riding snowmobile in 1927 by Carl Eliason. Then in 1958 Joseph Bombardier invented what was called the endless track snow machine, aka snowmobile. From then on the rest is history. 

People from Wisconsin took a different viewpoint on the matter and tried turning Model T cars into snow drivable machines, and even putting skis and runners on bicycles, but not prevailed over the endless track snow machine. A Russian inventor made known what was called the Aerosan, which was a propellor driven  snow vessel on skis, built around 1910. Aerosans were used in the Soviet Army during the Winter War and the Second World War. Joseph Bombardier not only patented the snowmobile in 1959, but created the invention of a large seven to twelve passenger, snowmobile. It looked like a school bus on skis. 

Then, in 1960, snowmobiles were made famous by skidoo for the one- to two-person form. Many companies copied the famous idea and there were then hundreds of manufacture on this idea by the 1970s. The snowmobile today is either one of four brands, the Ski-doo, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Polaris. Its interesting to see the transformation the snow machine idea underwent to get to what we have today. 



Turbo Your Sled

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The most expensive and more common upgrade you can get for your sled is a turbo. Turbo sleds are completely amazing. They give you the most power out of a sled you can afford. A current turbo producer is known as Boondocker, which is among many others. They have come out with a new tubular design that is specially manufactured for their torque boosting series. 

Their turbo allows for unmatched torque, great throttle response, and the most horsepower your sled can handle with maximum boost. The use a unique extruded intercooler, with 40% more surface area and 30% more flow than other turbo kits. In all of their 2012 turbo kits they offer a few different air box kits, for example, one is a cold air intake with an air filter outside the hood allowing your sled to suck in cold air and run cooler. 

They come with modules that plug right into your sled that allows you to run regular pump gas when running this turbo kit. It also comes with an altitude boost module that changes with altitude. Once you set it to a certain horsepower it will automatically keep that horsepower no matter what elevation you are at. Very versatile kit comes for any sled you have and will make it run like you couldn’t believe. Image