Snow cross on a bike, I’m in!

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever since I have been interested in snowmobiling, I though it would be a good idea to convert my dirtbike to ride it in the snow better. The industry came out with look alike single ski sleds, but were far too heavy to have fun with. Now they have a snow conversion kit for your bike that takes a little under three hours to install and make your bike a snowbike. It called the Explorer Smart All Terrain System. 


This system comes with an 11.5″ wide track with 1.5″ lugs. Comes with all the hardware to take your front tire off and put a ski up front. The coolest part about the snow bike is that it has all sealed bearing and rotors, which means you are able to ride in the SUMMER with a track on your bike. It would be interestedto have constant pushing of paddles under you compared to a paddle tire on the dunes. There will be a downfall in the amount of horsepower due to the track it has to spin.

With asmaller track than a sled momentum is a definite necessity in the powder. The track on your bike helps with the snow condition cause it has three adjustments: smaller stance for deep power floatation, further stance for medium powder, and a stretched serving for hard pack trail riding. At a price of $3,100, which is half as cheap as a sled, and easy load ability and learning curve the snow bike, it sounds like a blast. Put that on my listof things to do!


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