The Viewpoint

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you have never experienced being 100 miles in the middle of nowhere with the serenity of snow caped mountains have an ice cold beer, you have not yet lived. Lucky enough for me i like here, Reno, Nevada, and have the opportunity to explore the Sierra Nevada mountains and all the way over to the Rockies. Normally we stay closer to home, though.

On our typical ride we start at Little Truckee Summit, almost 25 miles out of Truckee, and continue our day from there. Various ranges and peaks to enjoy your ice cold beer, such as Meadow Lake Damn, Jackson Meadows’ peaks and cabins, and the Weber Lake Lodge that looks over the frozen over lake. Being able to sit on the calmest mountain top, the only sound is the occasional snow clump falling from the tree branches, is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world. This picture in the blog is a snapshot from the GoPro while back in Meadow Lake, beyond Webber and not Quite to Jackson Meadows Lake.

On Winters where the snowfall is more than average you can take off right from the Dog Valley off road access in Verdi, Nevada. From there you can explore the back woods and road near Boca and Stampede Reservoir, back into Sardine Valley, and even to Crystal Peak. There are so many old fire look outs and mountain peaks all over our region it is a must see.

Every year our group makes a trip to Elko, Nevada for the annual trip. You may think Elko would not be a hot spot for snowmobiling, but that would be a false statement. It is the most wide open, most fun place to ride I have witnessed. It entails endless open mountains, ridiculously high ranges, lakes, canyons, bowls, cornices, natural jumps. Its a whole different world to do what you can accomplish on a sled, give it a shot.


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