Jumping into it!

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Snowmobiling is a sport to people who have done it love, and people who haven’t, don’t think about. For those who have done it I want to give you a new and different insight to the world of snowmobiling. For those people who haven’t tried it, or thought of it for that matter, I want to show you what you have been missing. Most people say the reason they haven’t tried it is because they don’t have one — not a valid excuse. There are places on the hill to rent a snowmobile for a week/ day/ whatever.

Everyone should try snowmobiling at least once to experience the whole different world that winter has to offer. There is no better feeling than being miles away from anyone on top of the highest hill looking down at the snow covered landscape. The quiet serenity you experience combined with the jumping and carving through multiple feet of powder will have a first-timer addicted. The purpose of my blog is to branch out to people who are in the sport and inform those who aren’t. I intend to blog about the new news of the sport, the riders, the local/national events held, the sleds themselves, the gear, the experience, as well as different riding spots and opportunities.


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